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"Network hatchet man" upset "Network arena" lack of practical constraints arouses concern
universities in Beijing a third-year university Fang Yu received his first pen part-time income --- 700.
part-time students is commonplace phenomenon, but the income has to Yu Fang unusually --- This 700 yuan wages is neither tutor nor student allowance, but part-time "network hatchet man" income.  

Fang Yu said he was more than a month ago in the campus network forum to see recruitment "network hatchet man" of the notices, and says: "BBS recruit thugs, wages through Paypal month knot. "

" My job is to guide users to support the contents of my views and I made last month, thousands of posts, mainly in order to maintain the site assigned things. "As maintenance is What "things",nike air max 1, Fang Yu said that, inconvenient told.

But Fang Yu further explained to reporters a "network hatchet man" role: "'Network thugs' are some of the forums or hired gunmen, mainly through the forum, comment on the blog to achieve specific purpose. Generally, these are network planning public relations firm. "

If we say that some time ago it set up in the network society" monstrous waves "is like" net posts reporters, "" human flesh search ", has been illegal attacks so people gradually familiar phenomenon, then lead the current network society" trend "is undoubtedly the" network hatchet man "this" new new career. " Upon further investigation, reporters found that "network hatchet man" not only providing brand hype, product marketing, word of mouth maintenance, crisis communications and other services, but also according to customer instruction for intensive post, slander, libel competitors and prevent proper operations. In the cohabitation of the virtual world,nike air max 1, this "meteoric rise" of the new phenomenon again "How to manage the network society" issues pushed to the front of the stage.

network society is that people through the network platform for the dissemination of information, access to information and use of information established acts such as the sum of the various relationships. "Network thugs", "human flesh search" and virus industry chain, etc., are breeding in the network society anomie

"does have a business approached us, let us do similar things." Beijing a network of public relations company official Gu told reporters, "Earlier this year, a Hubei food companies to find us, let us find some 'water army',nike air max 1, do a web vote for his business, but also requires us in the forum or blog which made some attacks competitor information. "

quite well-known in the industry of internet marketing consultant ChenMo reporter's interview revealed that his company has just set up when I had encountered such Customer: "There is a fund come to us, signed 3 million a year, to do a stock message 200,000 yuan, when we refused, because the company's legal adviser, said the publication of false information is a violation of securities laws."

ChenMo told reporters, as early as the acquisition of a number of competitive network visibility and public relations company, is not necessary to do "network hatchet man" works. Later, enter this industry more and more companies, driven by interests, coupled with the lack of regulatory, legal and industry self-restraint, "network hatchet man" more gradually.

ChenMo revealed that not only are some of the network of public relations companies, but some sites also for their own interests rather transformed into a "network hatchet." "Beijing Thousand Oaks,nike air max sale, group vice president Liu Ren is a typical negative information because he released a number of companies suspected of extortion was arrested, not long ago to stand trial; also because of dissatisfaction with Pacific Internet Hasee conduct short-term contract, published on its Web site 'Shenzhou computer' carcinogenic information, but also the 'Network thugs' behavior. "

every refurbished network society dazzling, problems ensued. Beijing University of Posts and director of the Center for Legal Studies Outlines the interview with this reporter, said that by hiring a "network hatchet man" on the web publishing false or defamatory information, network information dissemination in non-standard places. In addition, the network society, hackers, viruses, trespassing and other behaviors, in civil law also means a lack of effective regulation.

engaged in Internet sociology professor at the University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Guo Yu Jin in the interview with this reporter mentioned the "human flesh search" problem. "As an information search method, 'human flesh search' been able to produce for violations in the objective deterrent effect, but it may also bring the network of violence, violation of the privacy of others."

On the Internet industry, including five years in the forest but also fish for online gamers network society "chaos" order was deep feeling: "Now the horse is too rampant, and I play the game because of a 'gentle Trojan' virus causes account stolen,nike air max rea, loss of nearly a million. "

Whether you admit or not admit and accept Or not accept a brand new form of social life ---" network society "life toward us. Insiders network society's definition is --- people through the network platform for the dissemination of information, access to information and use of information established acts such as the sum of the various relationships. It drifted away from the real world, it had also interact with the real world, and along with many controversial conflict.

In this regard, China People's University of Administrative Sciences Department, Institute of Administrative Sciences Mr. Mao told this reporter in an interview made clear stand point of view: the network society in the various irregularities on social reality had a negative impact, "it is necessary to incorporate social management."

now networked society management measures taken mostly from the sound laws and regulations of the Internet starting the real world trying to migrate directly to the legal provisions of the virtual world; while experts believe that the use of the basic social management concept --- "self governance" for management, perhaps this is an effective way

Internet users for the network society misconduct issues, Guo Yu Jin that it should run from three dimensions: one is main anomie that users themselves do not know some of their network behavior is criminal; second is the development of the Internet in China is still shallow, many similar social reality of the customary law on the Internet yet, ie soft constraints outside the law yet formed; their three is the reality of laws and regulations for the Internet is not perfect.

"Now take the management measures are mostly from the third point, that the laws and regulations of the Internet starting sound, trying to real-world legal provisions migrate directly to the network the virtual world." Guo Yu Jin told reporters, "Actually, I think it is more important to consider the characteristics of the network itself, tailored to the real world can not just ethical standards to judge and evaluate the behavior of Internet users is wrong, and should be based on the status of cyberspace behavior defined by the nature of the Internet, and try to make clear rules and regulations. "

Mr. Mao argued that the use of the basic concept of social management ---" self-governance ", may well be an effective approach. "Network society also needs self governance, such as online communities to develop appropriate rules of conduct for users constraint, the constraint is now prevalent personal attacks and abusive behavior; government regulators and independent managers friends through advocacy model, such as the selection of 'Top Ten civilization friends', to encourage a positive impact on society of friends, and thus play an exemplary role. "

reporter in an interview that, some well-known online community is moving in this direction.

"on the whole network of the mainstream community is good, positive, but can not be ignored is that the current Internet population is uneven, some bad tendencies began to spread, such as chaos booing, PETTY, personal attack, provoke or promote confrontation, irrational, online fraud, pornography, violence, network, and even the development of the network trial, and judicial intervention. "End of the World Community editor Hu Bin, in interview with this reporter, the breath cited netizens Anomie dozen types.

Hu Bin, that from the point of view of social management, users have consciously assume the responsibility of maintaining the network order. "The Internet needs order, the need for good dialogue and exchange environment, the need to manage, and influence public opinion in the network in the case of social life, websites and Internet users also need to actively self-discipline, and consciously become harmonious member of society, to carry out positive interaction."  
Netease forum terminus station Yuan-Yuan Sun's view is that online community managers should establish and improve various rules of the community, institutions, improve implementation and enforcement efforts, and actively take the initiative to defuse and resolve conflicts between users and users reflect the reality of the problem. "Only create a constructive environment of the community, in order to attract more users, especially mature and rational friends."

In addition to follow the social management of "self-management" concept, Mr. Mao also believed that the network social management of the existing social management system is a challenge that requires some reference to social reality management approach, but need to go beyond this system.

"reality, administrative regional and Severability not suitable for network integrity and a high degree of liquidity, and the network of social reality than the lack of appropriate social stability and closed." Mr. Mao explained, "social management of the network or to the network itself to be based on the existing system of social management innovation, which is a government department and the whole society needs to seriously think about."

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