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作者: a655485b405    時間: 2013-5-30 19:27     標題: Christian Louboutin Outlet very Buddha gas

ectly pig Great to Zhenfei out. "Come forward who, dare infringe on my master's gilded bones!" That's an 'angry Jingang Ming Wang' look to the Pig Great, Christian Louboutin Outlet sternly rebuke Road. "Woof, little fairy is beneath contempt dare stop the Great Spirit, you do not let me off?" Pig Great strength to the shock by the sudden out directly on the ground and fell Gouchi Shi, very angry. Regulus smiled, swelled an 'angry Jingang Ming Wang' said: "We go to 'the land of Ching Ming,' which, results strayed into this terrain, but found that there are Buddhist monk Zuohua here, we take a look at." ' angry Jingang Ming Wang 'look to Regulus, the body Yi Chan, said: christian louboutin sale "The owner of the relic, how will your hands!"' angry Jingang Ming Wang 'look shocked. "It fell on my own hands, both monks Zuohua land here, then I disturb other inconvenience, also please recover the relic!" Regulus said, while the bones of the relic placed gilded hands, Just got up to leave when Regulus, a relic that fly down to Regulus hands. 'Angry Jingang Ming Wang' more shocking, facing Christian Louboutin Outlet Men Regulus asked: "Who are you?" ******
(The first chapter!) Two hundred and thirtieth chapters called deep boom "I am me, who do you think I am?" Regulus gentle tone, look peaceful and quiet, behind Buddha overflowing, very Buddha gas, like a reincarnation of Buddha, people peace of mind, breath and stability. () "No, there are shares of breath in your body to attract the owner's relic, the stock flavor, is Jingang Ming Wang this vein breath, you in the end what people? Is it my 'bliss Buddha' which is mighty reincarnation ? "'angry Jingang Ming Wang' scared channels. "Definitely not." Regulus faint smile, suddenly from behind Regulus 'King Kong Buddha Land' show out, 'Jingang Ming Wang' Day appearance emerged. 'Angry Jingang Ming Wang' sees 'Jingang Ming Wang' of the moment, shivers, hastened towards 'Jingang Ming Wang' bow down. "The disciples saw 'Jingang Ming Wang' ......" "'Jingang Ming Wang' had fallen, 'King Kong Buddha Land' but he left to me, in the 'King Kong Buddha Land' wh
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